31st July 2014

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here we are, my friends, back in the streets again

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30th July 2014

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I love how this post is like “Oh, clean up some of the nastiest, hard to clean shit with coke!” but doesn’t mention “Hey, you actually ingest this stuff that can clean CORRODED CAR BATTERIES.”


Heyyy this is because when you put carbon dioxide to make the carbonated water, you get carbonic acid. Carbonic acid varies in how much the pH is, especially in the different coke products. Strong enough to dissolve rust but not steel or any of the metals mentioned here.

But here’s the thing, carbonic acid is not one of the 6 strong acids. You know what is one of those? Hydrocholric acid. You know where you naturally secrete hydrocholric acid? Your stomach. Hydrochloric acid is some nasty stuff and WILL eat away at a screw if allowed to soak long enough. If you ever got just drop of a diluted solution on your skin in chem lab, then you can see where that would happen very easily.

The stronger acid wins. Your tummy is fine when you drink coke. Your tummy makes acid strong enough to fuck that corroded battery up. It can handle a can of coke. Please don’t swallow a screw or something to test this tho, please.

thank you science side of tumblr <3

Seriously. You could probably do all of these with lemon juice (citric acid) or vinegar (ethanoic, or acetic, acid) just because acids work in pretty similar ways. Actually, when you see people recommending vinegar as a household cleaner? This is what it’s doing!

Also, as someone who has accidentally inhaled hydrochloric acid fumes, TRUST ME, THE CARBONIC ACID IS MUCH BETTER.

Every time I see a hysterical post on modern food I just kinda point and laugh

Because dude. Dude.  You know what you breathe in and out every fucking second to survive? Oxygen. An incredibly corrosive gas that is probably responsible for more deaths across the history of the planet than anything else. Not only that, it’s a biproduct of photosynthesis. You literally rely on plant excretions to survive

Do you know what most of your body is made up of? Water. Which, given enough time, will destroy anything.

That morning coffee you like? Well shit, caffeine - lifeblood to many - is actually an incredibly potent nerve toxin (If you’re an insect). Plants actually produce that shit as an insecticide.

That refreshing zing from citrus?  Acid.  That juicy smack of a tomato? Acid and cadmium.  That tart in an apple? Arsenic.  That seasoning you put all over your fish and chips? Acid strong enough to destroy seashells - life that has evolved to survive living in a salt-drenched sea.

Stop being a tit and drink your damned coke.


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28th July 2014

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Downset. #tihc2014 #thisishardcore #tihc #downset @thisishardcorefest (at Electric Factory)

I hate that I didn’t make it to TIHC this year.

26th July 2014


Suns game with Dad tonight.

Suns game with Dad tonight.

25th July 2014

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Red Hot Moon - Rancid

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25th July 2014

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she simply will not die, she simply will not die.

25th July 2014

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this was the best ending to any movie ever. ever. 

no one can convince me otherwise. 

this was the best part of that movie by far.

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24th July 2014

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don’t front like you didn’t mosh to this.

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24th July 2014

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Real bummed that I’m going to be at work tomorrow and not seeing Killswitch Engage or Unearth playing to a hardcore crowd for the first time in years.

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23rd July 2014

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Under wings of Gold and Silver sometimes we have to hide 
For shelter from this bitter winter at least tonight

If it were mine to give I’d give you your own time 
Turn it back or forward whatever you decide

Stay a while

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